---  more of my abstract landscape-paintings  ---    


''My favourite technique I prefer to use is gouache on paper. during fifty years I painted a lot of landscapes plein air, mostly in an expressionistic and colorful manner. My use of colors is not completely natural, because the colors appear because of my experience and my interpretation of the motif. I am searching for rhytmical compositions, and so I reach almost abstract compositions.  But I keep the landscape as my living motif, becaue I must be able to feel, touch, hear and see the landscape plein air!''

My art can be divided into three parts:
1. landscales, especially the coasts and cliffs of Britanny and Normandy (France), the flat country of The Netherlands, the city Amsterdam with its old ports and harbours. I made also a lot of paintings of gardes and trees, because I love them and a lot of them disappear in the cityen.

2. grafic art: lithography, in color as well in black white. I made them seperate as well as in collections by grafic artbooks with a common theme where text is combined with lithography. I made grafic art-books on Vincent van Gogh, as a hommage to Lorca, on the old story Guigemar (een Britan mythe written by Marie de France) and a grafic book on trees. 

3. lithography with a political inspiration, as for instance the American politics on Vietnam and Iraque.

(picture on the right: gouache made in 2007, made in open air: the cliffs of Petites Dalles, Normandy, France)

average prices of my works

- gouaches on paper (excluded frame): between 400 and 700 euro
- colored lithography (excluded frame): between 250 and 450 euro
- black-and-white-lithography (excluded frame): between 50 and 200 euro