grafic art: pictures with political subjects as the war in Veitmnam or Iraque, the South American revolutions, Kosovow and Srebrenica etc.. Black white litho printing.

dated 1970 until 2006 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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symbol of the calender of the Azrecs, with the head of Che Guevara


litho-print of symbol of calender of the Aztecs, with the head of Che in the middle.

Calvaire Breton, litho printing


this litho print I made after the oil catastrophe in 1967, when many birds died on the coasts of Britanny in France

dedicated to Pablo Neruda, Salvador Allende en Siqueros


I( made this lithography after the rerror and the killing of president allende in Chili. The tree persons mentioned were good left friends.

sign of the Rainbowwarrior of Greenpeace


a lithography of the sign of the ranbow warrior combined with Aztec symbols; the chief ship of Greempeace, This ship I saw frequently, because it was located very often on the river IJ in Amsterdam, near my studio.

the Kurds flee away after the poison gas attacks of Sadam Hussein


the Kurds flee away in 1991after the poison gas attacks of Sadam Hussein despite of the no-fly-zones promised by the American president.

Blood river, Rio de Sangre - ninos vagabundos


lithography as a memory of the killing of the young street children by the Brasilian police in 1995.

Refugees from Kosovo during the feast of Easter


refugees from Kosovo on the border of Macedony, during Easter 1999.

a cry from the grave, Srebrenica 1995


memory of the killing of the cit6izens of Srebrenica by the Serbs, under command of general Malics

Bad-man in Viƫtnam and in Iraque, political protest


a political critc against the wat by the United States in Virtman and later again in Iraque.

Saint George Bush and his war on terrorism


political critic, a parody on George Bush war on terror.

Over the hedge, borrer of Mexoci


Mexican people trying to reach the Uniteed States for work and living